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Insights on Intentionality

By Jeff Kisiah, “Coach K”, nationally-known men’s ministry speaker. Insights features personal interviews, current trends, and case studies on what it means to live intentionally.

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Insights on Intentionality, Episode 26 – Kevin DeVries

Kevin DeVries, Founder of Grace Explorations headquartered in Grand Rapids, joins Coach K to discuss Michigan, Mountains, Men and Mission. His riveting personal chronicle from Riches to Rags to Redemption will capture your attention!

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Insights on Intentionality, Episode 25 – Justin McKerrow

Justin McKerrow of Kalispell, MT is a Men’s Discipleship Leader at Easthaven Baptist Church. He joins Coach K to talk about their annual Men’s Retreat as well as the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference that is sponsored by AMI (American Men of Impact).

Insights on Intentionality, Episode 23 – Randy Nickel

Randy Nickel, a veteran Young Life staffer and church planter joins Coach K to discuss men’s discipleship in the Northern Ohio culture, missionary experiences in Scotland, and his desire to “finish well”.

Insights on Intentionality, Episode 22 – Elmo Winters

Elmo Winters from Baton Rouge, LA joins Coach K to discuss his book, “Overcoming Racial & Cultural Barriers to Disciple Men.” He is the President of Kingdom Group, International. Find out more information at https://KingdomGroup.co.

Insights on Intentionality, Episode 20 – Dan Griffin

Dan Griffin of Columbia, SC joins Coach K to “get below the water line” in sharing several “iceberg” encounters in his life, marriage, and ministry. A great story of God’s unconditional love on display from Heaven and on earth.

Insights on Intentionality, Episode 19 – Chris Van Brocklin

Chris Van Brocklin, a founding member of the National Coalition of Ministries to Men, joins Coach K to discuss his multiple decades and various positions in reaching and discipling men. He also shares details about an upcoming conference in Milwaukee. Visit http://noregretsconference.org for more info.

Insights on Intentionality, Episode 18 – Chris Ackerson

Chris Ackerson, Tennessee State Director for Every Man A Warrior, joins Coach K to discuss ministry resources, initiatives and strategies to reaching men. Visit http://everymanawarrior.com for more information.

Insights on Intentionality, Episosde 17 – Clark Osborn

Clark Osborn, Regional Director of Real Momentum Ministries (realmomentum.org) joins Coach K to talk about the Promise Keepers era, Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences, Nebraska Football and The Danger of Drifting.