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Welcoming Guests

First Impressions For Men

Every church has an environment for men, which is the First Impression your church provides to them

Attend a weekend service at your church and make an evaluation through the eyes of a new man, especially those who are spiritual inquirers. How would you assess the overall appeal of your church to these men?

Remember, men like to “raise the hood” and “kick the tires” on the car lot, and they will do the same with your church!

Here are several key reminders:

Guests Services/Hospitality

Provide a Guest Services/Hospitality Team that is well-prepared to serve joyfully but naturally. Recruit and train a healthy ratio of men to serve on this team.

Welcoming Environment

Produce a welcoming environment within the culture of your church. Teach your members how to welcome people.

The Street to The Seat

Prepare to welcome guests, especially men, “from the Street to the Seat” in appropriate ways.
(see Man Code Assessment below)

Allow Exploration

Project to guests, especially men, that they can explore your campus and attend the weekend service within their desired levels (spiritual inquirers vs. mature Christians).

No Official Greeting Time

Punt on “official” greeting times, recognizing that unchurched men will quickly be taken out of their comfort zones, and impact their openness the remainder of the service.

Follow Up

Plan to offer follow-up strategies that focus on intentionality and less on intensity.