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Battle Stations

We invite those from the Sandhills to the Grand Strand to join us in Wilmington, NC on Sat/June 2... Between the reflections of Memorial Day and Father’s Day, we will focus on the crucial importance of “Battle Stations”...this wartime announcement on a naval warship...

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First Impressions 4 Men...Welcoming Events at Churches do not always provide a Welcoming Environment for Men...Here are some thoughts and insights from my observations & consultations in 42 States..Take an assessment of these various categories (and others) to help provide a comprehensive evaluation...Look at Easter Weekend & beyond for areas of improvement...•Church Website•Social Media•Church Signage•Parking Attendants•Hospitality Team•Church Decor•Printed Handouts•Ministry Kiosk•Men’s Leadership Team •Gift Items•Men’s Restroom•Church Leaders•Worship Team/Choir•Body Language•Service Segments•Sermon Delivery•Humor Usage•Church Ushers•Congregational Announcements•Action StepsLet us know if we can do a consultation with you on this subject...it’s one topic of several that are available for MDL (Men’s Discipleship Leader) Training...other topics include:•Coaching Men in the Locker Room•6 Distinct Locations for Men on the Spiritual Journey•Reaching Men On The Fringe •Broken Mirrors - Hurting Men•BPR - Best Practices & Resources from Pastoring Men for 3+ Decades

Posted by Jeff Kisiah on Saturday, March 31, 2018

Welcoming Environments 4 Men

  Welcoming Events at Churches do not always present a Welcoming Environment for Men... Here are some thoughts and insights from my observations & consultations in 42 States.. Take an assessment of these...

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Moments of Reflection … Prayers for Direction

Candie and I spent three days at the end of last year in East Tennessee.  We enjoyed a post-Christmas time of relaxation and reflection in the Smoky Mountains, a favorite destination for both of us. While we were there, we invested time seeking God's direction for our...

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Site is almost done!

We're almost to the finish line! The new site just has a few things here and there to finish, but the bulk of the work is now done.  The only things that are left: Podcast Introductory blog post by Coach K Finalizing fonts and layouts We would greatly appreciate any...

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About Coach K

Jeff Kisiah has been a men's pastor for over 30 years. As a high school coach, he learned a unique approach to men's fellowship and "The Ministry of Hanging Out". He has spoken at men's conferences in 42 states and 7 foreign countries. Coach lives in Charlotte, NC.