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Candie and I spent three days at the end of last year in East Tennessee.  We enjoyed a post-Christmas time of relaxation and reflection in the Smoky Mountains, a favorite destination for both of us.

While we were there, we invested time seeking God’s direction for our next ministry platform.   We had been involved with discussions about several potential new ministry positions, and were also considering launching our own ministry platform.  My wife greatly encouraged me with two memorable statements that represented her full endorsement…

“When I married you in 1980, we began a journey of faith together.   Why should anything change now?”

“You have given your life to discipling men.  You deserve this opportunity to launch on your own.”

We continued to prayerfully consider this option for the next several months.   We sought the input from a “multitude of counselors.”  A return trip to the mountains for a few days of “Soul Keeping” verified the direction we were to take.

Psalm 32:8 has been a treasured passage of Scripture over the years.  God reinforced His promise to me in mid-February:

“I will instruct you and teach you in the direction you should go.   I will watch over you and be your guide.” 

We have followed that principle throughout our life, and especially in recent months in prayerfully considering this new adventure.  It’s the same calling that has been upon our lives.  It’s just a new platform for ministry.

The three churches and two parachurches where I served on staff for the last 33 years have provided ministry experience and expertise for what God has prepared for this next phase of life and ministry.

I am appreciative for all the mentoring I have received, and will continue to seek in the days ahead.

We long to encourage and enlighten others, through The Intentional Way.

May God take the desires of our heart and use them to advance His Kingdom.

Thanks in advance for the consideration of prayerful intercession and financial support as we move forward together.

A Spiritual Awakening in America, and beyond, will not take place without a Spiritual Awakening among men.

Coach K & Candie

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